Get It Right The First Time

Local running shop owners eat, sleep, and breathe running and fitness. They have dedicated their livelihoods to make sure you get exactly what you need.


Featured Local Retailer
Up and Running - Dayton, Ohio


Up and Running in Dayton, Ohio proudly boasts our fit process and our fabulous staff as what sets us apart from the rest of the options for our customer. As we greet our customer we are creating a connection and are uncovering as much information as possible about that customer’s need, whether that is footwear or apparel. We get their history, injuries, ailments, pros and cons with previous footwear or apparel. We ask “tell me” questions that will not only engage the customer but also help them elaborate regarding wants, and needs. We learn their goals and plans for the next 6 months for this pair of shoes or new sports bra. We educate the customer regarding our fit process. The fitting processes differ between products; whether footwear or apparel, but the end result is the same in that the customer is offered options that will perform for them specifically.


During the fitting process we also take the time to educate the customer on what it is we are seeing regarding their feet. The measurements offer a definitive answer to what the customer needs, removing the uncertainty they may feel in a big box store or shopping on their own. We then offer multiple options in the right range so that the customer can choose the best feel for them. Our staff is always very thorough and engaging, and we stay current with  the changes made to products, which is why we get it right the first time.




Every day I have people tell me what type of arch they have, and are usually surprised when I show them differently. Every day I have people try to pick their shoe by color or style, and every day I educate them as to why it is important for their workout to find the right fit and the best feel, rather than their favorite color or brand. This is how we get it right the first time. This is why specialty run stores exist and hopefully why our customers remain loyal to us, rather than succumb to internet and big box purchases!