National Running Safety Month

This November your local running store is looking out for you. November is National Running Safety Month, and locally owned stores across the country are making sure that a little darkness doesn’t slow you down. Their stores are ready to light up the night with the latest gear from featured brands like Brooks, Illuminite and Knuckle Lights.


Additionally, shops are hosting fun in-store events and runs in your community so you and your friends can come together to support each other and local business. To find your local participating dealer, click here.

Run Safe in the Dark

Going for a run after the sun has gone down or before it comes up is sometimes the only time to squeeze in a few miles for those with a busy schedule. Use these tips to be the safest runner you can be when running in the dark.

Stay Safe When Running Alone

Running solo can lead to some of the best runs. Torching calories and stress, while zoning out on pounding the pavement is amazing, but that doesn’t mean we can or should let our guard down. Remaining alert and aware of our surroundings is the best way to stay safe when running any time, but is most important when running alone. Stay aware and use these tips to stay safe while running alone.

Run Safe in the Rain

Running in the rain can be a liberating and fun experience – think about the nostalgia it can bring back from when you fearlessly jumped in puddles as a child. All grown up, going for a run in the rain can be just as fun as long as you prepare for it and stay safe. Use these tips to stay safe next time you head out for a run when it’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring.

Safety Tips for Women Runners

In a sport previously dominated by men, women have come a long way on the running scene. Since 1972 when Title IX legislation was passed, opening up the possibility for women to participate in sports, women have become the dominate players in running, constituting 53% of the field for running races in the U.S. Celebrate your right as a women to go for a run, just be sure to always stay safe when pounding the pavement.